Meson Nadi

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Meson Nadi



Meson Nadi offers personalized TOURS with some of the most experienced guides of Nicaragua. Surf the most consistent waves in Central America, hike to one of the 19 SUMMITS, dive into the beautiful beaches & cities or recover and enjoy an OIL THERAPY Massage or a cacao body treatment.



Meson Nadi accesses 4 LOCAL SURF BREAKS in walking distance and 12 more easily accessible by 4x4 or boat. Anytime of the year beginners to advanced surfers get a wide range of waves to explore. Meson Nadi`s Surf Guides and Surf Photographers have years of experience and LOCAL KNOWLEDGE to offer personal or group coaching and guiding.



Luxury is TIME FOR ONESELF. Find inner balance, strengthen your body and expand your senses. Meson Nadi provides personalized Yoga RETREATS including daily sessions, community activities, sailing trips, hot springs and HEALTY CUISINE. The Hotel offers the opportunity for instructors to host their personally designed RETREAT supported by our experienced like-minded team.



Sailing along the Costa Esmeralda in a CATAMARAN with cold drinks and delicious snacks is the most impressive way to explore the endless beauty of this UNTOUCHED COASTLINE. White sandy beaches, world class surf breaks, tide caves and the crystal-clear blue ocean will renew your mind, body and soul. With a variety of fish just a few miles offshore, our boat captain brings all the gear and experience to make FISHING TRIPS a success and securing a nice seafood dinner.



A VOLCANIC CHAIN winds through this country. Meson Nadi individually personalizes hiking opportunities for different levels, zip lining and EXCURSIONS to breathtaking views overlooking dense jungle all the way to the Pacific Ocean. With 19 summits Nicaragua covers a wide range of exciting OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and a great chance to experience volcanic activity!



Colonial towns with their UPLIFTING NICARAGUAN URBANISM, influencing culture and rich discovery of history give much to explore. Granada, a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site, San Juan del Sur, a little fishermen and surf town, and Masaya with its big arts and crafts markets are perfect DAYTRIPS from Meson Nadi.



Discover Lake Granada and the Zapatera Archipelago with its 365 small islands known as LAS ISLETAS de Granada, on a LUXURIOUS boat with special cocktails, drinks and locally inspired cuisine, or immerse yourself in the local life while getting a tour with a fisherman.



The best and most traditional way to explore the untouched beauty of secluded Nicaraguan beaches is on a horseback. Meson Nadi offers various horseback riding tours from a private ride at sunset to a local community route to the mountains.



Meson Nadi provides a divine experience that nourishes, rejuvenates and educates. Treatments can be held within the private Suites or on the open-air platform where the soft breezes caress you and the sound of the ocean releases the deepest relaxation that can be found. A wide range of treatments for specific needs will be provided by a staff of certified traditional Chinese medicine therapists, massage, wellness and cosmetic specialists. For further information on the spa menu please contact



Motorcycles are the most common form of transportation in this rural area of Nicaragua. Learn more about Tola from a local's perspective and ride along the beautiful coastline, witnessing exceptional views and exploring Nicaragua´s culture and farmlands. A real off road experience coupled with the true sense of local life. This safari includes a 4 hour countryside tour, lunch on the road and a 24h motorcycle rental including helmet.