Meson Nadi

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Meson Nadi


Meson Nadi offers personalized TOURS with some of the most experienced guides of Nicaragua. Surf the most consistent waves in Central America, hike to one of the 19 SUMMITS, dive into the beautiful beaches & cities or recover and enjoy an OIL THERAPY Massage or a cacao body treatment.


Meson Nadi offers 4 LOCAL SURF BREAKS within walking distance and 12 more easily accessible by 4x4 or boat. Anytime of the year, beginners to advanced surfers have a wide range of waves to explore. Meson Nadi`s Surf Guides and Surf Photographers have years of experience and LOCAL KNOWLEDGE to offer personal or group coaching and guiding.



Luxury is TIME FOR ONESELF. Find inner balance, strengthen your body and expand your senses. Meson Nadi provides personalized Yoga RETREATS including daily sessions, community activities, hot springs and HEALTHY CUISINE. The Hotel offers the opportunity for instructors to host a personally designed RETREAT supported by our experienced, like-minded team.


The Emerald Coast of Nicaragua is an investor's dream, with vast, wild and preserved lands with ocean views at affordable prices. Whether you’d like to buy land and build your dream home, or are interested in buying a house that is already built, Meson Nadi can help. Our knowledgeable real estate guide will take you on a tour of the most scenic lots and spectacular houses for sale in the area.


In cooperation with the LOCAL COMMUNITY Meson Nadi offers special tours to experience Nicaragua as rural as it can be with an ENGLISH SPEAKING guide. Milking a cow, making pottery or cooking traditional Nicaraguan dishes with the welcoming and friendly character of the locals will change how you see this country. All the payments will be made directly to the community.


The MASAYA VOLCANO is the most easily accessible active volcano in the world with stunning views of lava. After getting in touch with the overwhelming Nicaraguan nature get yourself a little treat and shop at the famous local Art Crafts Market in MASAYA. Head north to GRANADA, a picture postcard vibrant city. Enjoy local street food and visit the oldest churches in the country. A must do is the sunset cruise on Lake Nicaragua with its 365 ISLANDS.



MOMBACHO VOLCANO is the defining feature of Granada's skyline. The beauty of it's landscapes and richness of it's flora and fauna makes this place unique. Hike an organic coffee farm or the mariposario and orchid garden. After that, enjoy lunch at LAGUNA DE APOYO which is one of Nicaragua’s most beautiful wonders. Next stop is SAN JUAN DE ORIENTE an Artisan town where you can find traditional handmade pottery.


The best and most TRADITIONAL WAY to explore the untouched beauty of secluded NICARAGUAN BEACHES is on HORSEBACK. MESON NADI offers various horseback riding tours from a private ride at sunset to a local community route to the mountains.



MESON NADI provides a divine experience that NOURISHES, REJUVENATES AND EDUCATES. Treatments can be held within the private suites or on the open-air platform where the soft breezes caress you and the sound of the ocean releases the DEEPEST RELAXATION that can be found. A wide range of treatments for specific needs will be provided by certified staff. For further information about the spa menu