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Meson Nadi



Meson Nadi is thrilled to have been recognized by many prestigious international magazines and blogs. Below you will find our latest media reviews, our information kit, and downloadable high-resolution images.

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In order to download images, you must be a member of the press including a newscaster, blogger, reporter or journalist, an employee of Meson Nadi, an agent, licensee, contractor, a travel agent, a meeting or incentive planner and you must agree to the terms and conditions Meson Nadi Library. We wanted to make sure all users are aware of the responsibility that comes with the usage of these images and in particular, the expiration dates that some images have.

The Images are and will remain the exclusive property and copyright of their respective photographers who created the Images, licensors and/or Meson Nadi. National copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other applicable laws protect the Images. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

Authorised Use of Images
The Images may only be used in association with the direct promotion of Meson Nadi and related wares and services in marketing materials created by employees of Meson Nadi or independent contractors retained by Meson Nadi. The Images may be used in any print, online, film, video, broadcast or multi-media product for promotional, or editorial use, provided such uses do not allow for the reproduction or re-distribution of the Images. Images may not be used for Brand advertising without permission from the photographer as this requires an additional fee in most cases. All use of the Images and all marketing materials which You may create using the Images must comply with any and all other terms and provisions set out in any agreements between You and Meson Nadi concerning the creation of such materials and/or with any procedures or guidelines as may be established from time to time by Meson Nadi, including all rights of approval by Meson Nadi as set out therein.