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If you take contact with us, we use your denoted data to deal with your request. These data are cryptographically stored in case of upcoming questions. We don’t share these data without your permission.

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This website uses the Google Maps product of Google Inc. By using this site, you consent to the collection, processing and use of the automated data collected by Google Inc, its agents and third parties.
You can find Google Maps terms of service at Google Maps Terms of Service.


You are able to subscribe to our newsletter on the website. For this reason we need your E-Mail address and your statement that you accept our condition of our newsletter. You will get a affirmation mail as part of the double opt-in procedure. Additionally we process your name, city, state/province and country to give you an optimized newsletter and to have an overview for ourselvs where our subscribers are coming from. We will never give your data to other companys (except MailChimp) or persons and you always have the right to get, delete and update your data. (More information under the subitem “Your rights” down below)
Your data will be submitted to the newsletter provider MailChimp (Rocket Science Group LLC). Please read the data privacy statement of MailChimp if you want more information. A data transmission to countries outside the EU is possible. Address: 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308.
You are always able to unsubscribe the newsletter. Feel free to contact Meson Nadi for an unsubscription:
Alternatively there is always a „unsubscribe from this list“ link in every newsletter mail you get from us. After clicking unsubscribe or asking us to unsubscribe you, all data linked to you will be permanently deleted.


We are using functionalities of facebook, a social media network of Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland. You can read which plugins facebook provides on Visiting our site can cause a data submission to facebook with some information like when the site was visited, which facebook user visited the site (if you are logged in) and through which IP. If you don’t want, that facebook links with your account which sites you are visiting, you should delete your account or using a plugin like “ghostery”, which blocks every tracking on each site. You can find the data privacy statement on:

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It is assumed that all external links on this website comply to the latest legal terms, but we can’t give any guarantee outside of this website. The responsibility for the content of the other website remains in the hands of the owner of that website. Please read the privacy notic of the external website to get more information.

Your rights

According to relevant legal regulations, you have the right to free access to your saved data as well as, if applicable, the right to revise, disable, correct and erase this data.
If you think, we have a privacy breach on this site, you are able to complain this at a controlling institution. In austria it is the privacy agency.

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